Heteronormativity and LGBTQ+ Representations in Media

Representation in TV, film and media in general is a topic that has been debated at great lengths lately. In particular, storylines in film and television that portray people of a certain minority, whether that is race, gender or sexual orientation, often receive backlash and criticism over social media for being inaccurate, offensive, or perhaps […]

Baby Driver; Film Review

This summer like any other has delivered another set of blockbuster films for all to enjoy. From fun, colourful films such as Girl Trip or historical major motion pictures such as Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, this summer has not disappointed us. However, there is one film that has surprised audiences all around the world: Baby Driver. […]

Allied; Film Review

The 2016 Mr and Mrs Smith-esque thriller wonderfully captures the WWII period through romance, rose-tinted glasses. Keeping with tradition, despite their efforts, two forbidden lovers, Max Vatan and Marianne Beauséjour played by Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, fall in love in Casa Blanca. However, Allied is by no means your usual wartime romance. When faced […]

Girls Trip Review

The feel-good comedy of 2017 has arrived! Girl’s Trip hit Irish cinemas this week, and it is one that will both make you howl with laughter and give you a massive dopey smile with the sweet soppiness. Girl’s Trip will have you struggling to catch your breath in between laughs, but will also have you […]

A Different Kind of Hampstead; Film Review

Hampstead, set in the picturesque London village of the same name (which is equally as scenic as the one in Glasnevin, I assure you), is a delightful, relaxing watch where one can sit back, switch off and laugh. Within the visually calming scenes of blissful forests, dotted with colourful wild flowers and still lake waters, […]

Condemning The Skinny and The Media Alike

  In May of this year a French law was passed that would ban the employment of models with a BMI that was deemed “unhealthy”. In a statement from the French health ministry, this law was passed “to avoid the promotion of unattainable ideas of beauty and to prevent youth anorexia,”. Anybody in breach of […]

Media Literacy in The Classroom

So, what is media literacy? A quick Google search will tell you that media literacy is the ability to be critical of the media we consume. One website defines it as “the ability to access, analyse, evaluate, and create media. Media literate youth and adults are better able to understand the complex messages we receive”. […]

Top 5 Music Video Directors

As a follow up to my last post on music video directors I personally think it’s about time to give this artist the credit they deserve, So here are my top five favourite music video directors, no particular order: 1)  Hannah Lux Davis: Hannah has worked with some of the most popular singing artist in […]

Top 5 Film Directors

I’ve always been a lover of  cinematography but my interest in film and directors came along later in life. Ever since I realised how talented some directors can truly be, I never looked back. Directors have a certain talent for telling stories and making their audience feel part of the stories they’re telling. Their use […]

Are Music Video Directors Getting Enough Credit?

We all know some iconic music videos. From Beyoncé smashing a front window of a car to Miley swinging off of a wrecking ball. These are images that will go down in history. But do you know who came up with this ideas in the first place? First, let me give you a small bit […]

How Big is Reality TV Over Fictional TV?

In our ever polarised world, there is one battle that rages on and continues to keep everyone talking (and no I’m not talking about the battle between DCUfm and DCUtv) I’m talking about the battlefield that exists on television. More specifically, reality TV versus it’s scripted, fictional counterpart. I think it’s fair to say that […]

Big Little Lies Review

  With plenty of upper-middle class cattiness, murder, affairs and deep dark secrets, there is much to love about Big Little Lies. Based on the bestselling book by Liane Moriarty, in this series Reese Witherspoon takes on the role of executive producer while simultaneously starring along huge stars such as Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley and Alexander […]

DCU’s Women in Media Event

DCU will be hosting a ‘Women in Media’ event in the Helix at 2pm today to celebrate the success of female DCU Alumni working in media. DCU Women in Leadership alongside the Media Production Society and The College View are hosting the event with guest panelists, columnist at The Irish Times, Una Mullally, Deputy Editor […]

Is All Publicity Good Publicity?

We often hear that “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”, but is that really true? Everyday celebrities and public figures lives are documented through various media forms, yet they don’t always get the good publicity they hope for. We see countless celebrities’ careers plummet after bad publicity but that isn’t always the case.   […]

CGI Now Vs Then

Everyone loves film. Even better, everyone loves a film that lets us believe in this fantastic world, to suspend disbelief for just a little while. And CGI, or computer generated imagery, is just the tool to do it. Or is it?   CGI has come a long way from the 80s and 90s. From The […]

Beauty and The Beast Review

With the emergence of Disney remakes in the past couple of years it was only a matter of time before the beautiful story that is Beauty and the Beast was remastered. The 2017 film directed by Bill Condon depicts the life of a young woman called Belle played by Emma Watson who lives with her […]

Media in Lectures: Does it Make us Lazier?

Whenever I tell my grandparents about college, they seem to picture it in a very traditional sense. For them, the word conjures up images of a grand lecture hall full to the brim of students. They imagine us listening eagerly, scribbling notes in our notebooks as a bearded professor waxes lyrical about a topic they’re […]

Battle of The Cams 2017

I was so impressed by the diverse range of short films produced for the ‘Battle of the Cams’ competition. This is the competition where groups of students have one week to create a short film which can be up to eight minutes long. This year there were a total of seven entries, a record breaking […]

Podcast Review on “Dear Hank and John”.

You there. Yes, you reading this. Do you enjoy news about Mars and inspirational third tier English soccer teams? Do you also enjoy somewhat dubious advice on various topics submitted by people like yourself? Do you enjoy short poems too? YOU DO? Well then I have the podcast just for you. “Dear Hank and John“ is […]

Lady Gaga’s Performance at the 2017 Super Bowl.

There was much speculation over the direction in which Lady Gaga would go with her Super bowl Half Time performance. The Super bowl occurred during a time of great unease among the American people and the world. What better opportunity, thought most, to make a political statement that would be seen not only by the […]

Top 4 Youtubers For Media Content Tutorials.

Lily Pebbles / The Anna Edit These girls are mostly known for their beauty/fashion/lifestyle themed videos on their YouTube channels, which have about 400 thousand subscribers respectively. Real life best friends, the two have collabed to produce some easy to follow tutorials that are mostly based around the social media side of media production – […]

Media Coverage of Famous Deaths and Overseas Wars.

As the closing months of a turbulent 2016 came around, the media showed no signs of stopping as the world continued to move. The final month of December provided a significant amount to be written about. This includes stories of famous deaths in the public eye and those of the many incidents in terror-stricken countries […]

Leonard Cohen Album Review.

At 82 years of age, you would expect that a frail, dying Leonard Cohen could get away with dropping the incredibly high standard he maintained throughout his fifty-year career. However, these songs are as rich and well-written as any in Cohen’s repertoire. A poignant and bleak affair, ‘You Want It Darker’ speaks of lost love, […]

The Must Have Software Equipment For Students

When I was thinking of what software I would review for this blog, I first thought; “I should just do the free software, because let’s face it, we are students here”. But that was rather naïve of me, as I’m sure we all know of other methods of getting these pro software’s for free. Anyway, […]

Danny Brown Concert Review

Danny Brown: The Exhibition Tour 2016 (Monday, November 14th | The Academy, Dublin) Last month, Detroit experimental hip-hop artist Danny Brown released his third full-length studio album Atrocity Exhibition. It quickly became my favourite work from him so I jumped at the chance to get a ticket for the Dublin date of his European tour. […]

How social media played a role in the US election

The 8th of November 2016 seen the victory of controversial candidate Donald Trump in the US presidential elections. Globally, people kept their TV’s and radio’s on and most importantly, they kept their phones near by, looking for the most recent update on the polls. The rush that spread from every website and from every app […]

Best and Worst Reality TV

Reality TV shows are here to stay, love them or hate them, you can’t escape them. So what are the best and worst reality TV shows gracing our screens today? Best Three 90 Day Fiancé As Joanne the Scammer said, “I’m a messy bitch who lives for drama.” And if you happen to hold that […]

Doctor Strange review

You would think that with 14 instalments the superhero formula would be becoming a bit stale. But with an $85,000,000 opening it seems that Marvel studios is showing no signs of slowing down. The introduction of magic and multiple dimensions shakes up the Marvel cinematic universe and offers us a glimpse into how much more […]

The Girl on the Train – Review

Zoe Ryan  The truly captivating trailer for the haunting Universal and DreamWorks produced motion picture adaptation of British author Paula Hawkins psychological thriller novel, The Girl on the train, instantly emerges us into the world of the film. It perfectly reveals the plot and setting, exposing the viewer to all the characters featured thus igniting […]

Inferno Review – Book or Film?

Lauren O’Malley There has always been the longstanding argument that “the book was better than the movie”. In the case of Inferno, I have to agree. However, it feels as though this argument is almost invalid because the film deviated so far from the source material. Inferno, written by Dan Brown, follows the story of […]

The lowdown on Frank Ocean’s Endless / Blonde

Robert Cleaver-Redmond   Four years after the release of his critically acclaimed album Channel Orange, three years after work went underway on its followup and over a year after its initial release date, Frank Ocean has finally come through with his sophomore effort, Blonde. After a very quiet year from Frank, and a strange art piece in the form of a livestream broadcast on […]

MPS Premiere Pro Workshop Goes Down A Treat

Nicole Curran Media Production Society hosted their first Premier Pro workshop of the academic year, on October 12th. There were two workshops during the evening, both of which were booked out by students from many different degree courses.

What students can learn from The Hunting Ground

Kerry Mahony The thrill of being accepted into a college course is one we are all familiar with. Feelings of elation and relief, accompanied by tears of joy; some people might have jumped up out of their seat, shouting the good news to their parents. This is how Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering’s The Hunting […]

Bow Down to the Social Media Queen

Bronwyn O’ Neill We all know how Kim Kardashian got famous but how has she continued to create an empire almost a decade after she shot to stardom. Unlike, former friend Paris Hilton, Kim’s reality show has not simply fell into obscurity; instead it has simply become more and more popular as the Kardashian family […]

Top 5 Must Watch Netflix series

Emma O Malley Most of us have been there. Sleep deprived and screaming: “No! It can’t end like this!” when your whirlwind romance with a show reaches the finale. So to ease your pain here are 5 Netflix series that will keep you so fixated that the only time you will move is to find […]

Irish blasphemy laws crack down on Theroux

Aoife McDermott The inability to have Louis Theroux’s “My Scientology Movie” released into Irish cinemas has led to fingers being pointed in many different directions. As rumours spread, all eyes were on Altitude Film Distribution, a UK-based company who were in charge of the Irish release for the documentary. During the films premiere at Cannes […]


The instant excitement that courses through my veins the second I hear ‘Marvel’ is shortly followed by high expectation. As a lover of both Marvel and Netflix originals, I, like many others, awaited the latest and third collaboration series, Luke Cage, with anticipation. Jessica Jones and Daredevil may have set a high standard however I […]