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DCU MPS 2014/15 Highlights

Want to get a taste of what MPS is all about? Then sit back and watch this video showcasing the highlights of our 2014/15 year, where we celebrated our 30th year as a society.

What Our Members Say

  • “Although they didn’t know me, the members were willing to help and contribute to my show. It’s much easier to be creative and productive when you have the belief of the whole society!”

    Conor Walsh (1st year) in relation to the 24 Hour Broadcast
  • “DCUfm is an incredible thing to be a part of and I believe the success of the SRA Chart Show was a testament to the industry standard status DCUfm has reached in recent years”

    Caoimhe Ní Chathail (2nd year)
  • “It was definitely an advantage learning from students who speak the same technical language as you, having gone through the process of learning to use this software themselves.”

    Siobhan Coakley (1st year) on workshops
  • "The TV debate was one of the best experiences I had with MPS, as it mixed the serious nature of politics with a technical set-up we hadn't attempted before. The fact that this was new territory for the society highlighted that DCU TV isn't just making viral videos, or 24 hour broadcasts, but to create a basis for professional production in the future."

    Emmet Jones (1st year)
  • "I really learnt from my experience over the past two years, but I definitely won't miss the stress of it all – well okay, maybe just a little."

    Aidan Brolletti (3rd year)
  • "If there's one thing that MPS do well it's plan events, which helped kickstart the fun of student life for me. From the 24hour broadcast to Prague, every event is filled with excitement and fun and your always surrounded by amazing people."

    Richáel Farrell Courtney (1st year)
  • "MPS has been an everpresent part of my time in college. DCUfm has become a home away from home”

    Cian Roche (3rd year)
  • "My favourite thing about being a member of MPS is the family-like bond all members have with each other and creating lifelong friendships that wouldn't be possible without MPS."

    Aisling Kirwan (2nd year)
  • “MPS in just a few words is too big. Basicallly MPS is my life”.

    Siobhán Ní Thaidhg (1st year)